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"Archives Page #006"

Hi, friend and welcome.

These archives have been stripped of all non-essential info to leave you with the more important articles. Read and enjoy.

***The Newbie Trail***

The Call To Action.
Your Business Promotion Continued.

Web site promotion is critical to your business existence.
In earlier newsletters, we've talked about various things,
including: FFA submission, Search engine submission and
Reciprocal linking, etc.

Today we are going to concentrate on promoting your
ezine/newsletter on the net.

One great way is submission to "ezine directories". There
are hundreds or even thousands of these and similar types
of directories, all hungry for fresh material to place on their
site or offer to other sites.

Getting traffic to a website is something that most
website owners have to struggle with. If you can write
good original articles, submit them to the directories, you
can create lots of promotion and interest not only to your
ezine, but also to your web site.

Articles, which get published in other ezines, can produce
masses of targeted traffic. You can show your expertise
in these articles and if they get published in big sized lists,
you can expect to get a lot of visitors!

If these publishers also put these articles on their website,
you have an additional source of traffic - your resource box.
It's also a good way to get on high traffic sites but which
don't participate in link exchanges.

No matter which topic your website has, there certainly
will be directories and portals which list resources and
websites about that topic. Try to find the page for adding
your site to these specialised sites as they can bring you
better search engine rankings as well.

There is also scope to advertise very cheaply within those
directories and ezines but out side your article. Giving you a
two or three pronged attack to attract new prospects.
This method can be very efficient as well. But you need to
make sure that the ezine is a real quality publication and not
just carrying a bunch of ads. Subscribe to the ezine in which
you want to advertise before you submit your ad.

Decide if you would read the content yourself which the
publisher offers. If you wouldn't, then search for a better
ezine. Ezines, which offer unique content, work best. Top
sponsor and solo ads are the most effective but they are
also the most expensive.

Now I'm not going to list here all the directories for you to
go and check, there's simply no point. Because all you have
to do is go to "Google" http://www.google.com or almost any
search engine and type into the search bar your "main keyword"
on the subject you are promoting and add +directory or +portal
and you will find plenty of these highly specialised sites on the
subject of your choice. Or, just put in "ezine directories".
Google will list thousands of entries - what could be simpler?!

============================================ Ed Bellamy is an Internet Marketer. Visit his site and
subscribe to his eZine/Newsletter. Are you a dotBASiC
beginner? Become a dotBASiCWorld Pro at:
Copyright (c) 2004. Ed Bellamy.

You are most welcome to reprint this article.
Please include the Resource Box.

>>>>>>>>>Titbit of The Week<<<<<<<<<

10 Marketing Tips For Success
By Shelley Lowery of Web-Source.net

1. FREE... I got your attention, didn't I. Offer a free report,
e-book or "how to" course. Information is the top selling
product online. You can use this to your benefit by offering
free information.

- As a sample of your information product (teaser)

- To identify a problem and promote your products or
services by providing a solution

- To bring traffic to your site

Providing free information is a great way to build a
targeted list of contacts. Pick up free autoresponders at
the following sites:

- SendFree
- http://www.sendfree.com/affref.php3?ref=769

- GetResponse
- http://www.getresponse.com/?12864

- Fast Facts
- http://www.fastfacts.net/

- FreeAutoBot
- http://www.freeautobot.com/?dotbasic

For more information about creating an e-book read the
article entitled, "How To Create An E-book & Drive Massive
Traffic To Your Site By Giving It Away..."


2. Newsletter (e-zine) - Start your own newsletter and
begin creating your online community of contacts. Visit
any of these sites to create your list, free.

- Onelist - http://www.onelist.com

- Egroups - http://www.egroups.com

- Listbot - http://www.listbot.com

3. Write Articles - There are thousands of online
publications looking for quality content. Writing and
distributing your articles will provide you with free
massive exposure. After you've written your article,
subscribe to these publications to assist you in getting

- Article Announce - Designed to get writers published
and assist publishers in finding the articles they need.
Announce your new article.

Subscribe - article_announce-subscribe@egroups.com

- Writers and Publishers Connection Newsletter Where
publishers announce their article needs.

Subscribe - Writers98@aol.com with subscribe Writers
and Publishers in the subject.

4. E-zine Advertising - The best form of advertising
available online. Reach thousands of targeted potential
customers very inexpensively. Ruth Townsend of Lifestyle
Publishing offers a complete listing of publications, ad costs,
circulation and more in "The Directory of Ezines."

- http://www.lifestylespub.com/cgi-bin/ezines.cgi?11914

5. Classified Ads - Continuously place classified ads.
People DO read the classifieds. This is very time consuming
and you may want to purchase an auto posting software.

- BeCanada - http://www.ismartadvantage.com/a/becanda.html

- Classify 98 - http://www.trellian.net/classify/index.html

For a listing of some of the top classified ad sites, visit:


Free For All Link sites - Continuously submit your link to free
for all sites. This can also be very time consuming so may
want to use a software program. You can download FFA
Blaster free of charge. This software will instantly submit
your link to 100 Free For All sites. An upgrade is available
which will post your link to over 8,000 sites.

- FFA Blaster - http://www.submitad.com/

- http://www.becanada.com/isell/?*emailpromo2*ed@dotbasic.co.uk

6. Press Release - Write a quality press release about your
product or service and tell the world! For more information
on press releases, visit any of these sites:

- IdeaMarketers.com http://www.ideamarketers.com/

- Press Promoter http://www.presspromoter.com/

- PRweb http://www.prweb.com/

7. Networking - Create a network of like-minded marketers
to help promote one another, provide recommendations,
exchange prominent links, etc.,Note: Be cautious when
selecting your networking partners and making
recommendations as your reputation is on the line. Only
network with individuals you truly believe in.

8. Newsgroups - Post to appropriate newsgroups. For a
complete listing, visit: http://www.deja.com/

9. Discussion Lists & Boards - Subscribe to appropriate email
lists and visit discussion boards to participate in online
discussions. Although blatant advertising is not permitted,
signatures are acceptable. Visit Web-Source.net for a listing
of some of the top discussion boards.

Visit List Universe for a complete listing of email discussion lists.

- http://list-universe.com/

10. Offline Promotions - Advertise in newspapers, magazines,
on the radio, TV, etc., Visit Gebbie Press for a complete listing.

Gebbie Press -

NewsDirectory Newspapers -

Newspapers Online -

Shelley is the publisher of Marketing Adzine, Advertising,
Marketing and Promotional solutions for the netrepreneur.
Visit her site to subscribe. http://www.web-source.net/
Are You Utilizing the Promotional Power of E-books?
Sponsor banner & classified advertising, Customized e-books
with your logo. Free E-books! http://www.web-source.net
Reach her at slowery@web-source.net

>>>>>>>> Featured Article <<<<<<<<

What's In It For Me

People don't buy products or services. They buy benefits.
If you are selling an opportunity, people want to know
realistically how much they can make. Promises of hundreds
of thousands of dollars a month will usually fall on deaf ears.
Why, because it is not realistic. You do have to paint a nice
picture of the benefits someone will receive however, but if
you make wild hyped claims, they will simply click away.

If you are doing business, or trying to, you must gear your
program to meet the needs of your prospects. If you're selling
a product, most people don't really care about how it's made,
or how it's designed. They want to know "what is in it for them".
Put a different way, what benefits will I get by dealing with
you, rather then someone else.

If you are selling an "opportunity" or affiliate program, that
thousands of others are trying to sell at the same time,
why should they buy from you? If you hope for a chance of
succeeding, this is a key issue that must be addressed.
Face it, most people don't, and then wonder why they fail.

Stress the personal relationship and help you will give them.
Most people who are new to trying a program of any type,
usually need a lot of help and guidance. If you can promise,
and deliver them that help, you have a much greater chance
of getting them as a customer than someone who doesn't.

If you are in the market for a tent, what is the primary
thing you want? While the fact that it has "double stitched
seams" and is made out of "heavy quality material" is great,
what you really want is to keep cool in the sun and warm and
dry when it's windy and raining.

If you are to succeed, you have to figure out what other
people are looking for and paint a pretty picture of the
benefits. What's in it for them is usually a customers first

DISCLAIMER: We disclaim any liability for the use of any
contributed information contained herein. We cannot
guarantee the serviceability or merchantability of any
products purchased or obtained by whatsoever means
through this web site or its associates. The information
relayed in this document is the opinion of the author.
And subscribers may feel they should seek independent
advice before entering into any agreement.

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