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"Archives Page #007"

Hi, friend and welcome

These archives have been stripped of all non-essential info to leave you with the more important articles. Read and enjoy.

***The Newbie Trail***

Although I normally write the articles for the Newbie Trail.
I felt this one was very appropriate, would give me some
fr*e writing time and was worthy of the top spot - enjoy.

A Great Opportunity

By Bob Osgoodby Copyright © 2004

Every time you turn around it seems you see another
affiliate program which promises you vast riches. They give
you all the sales material you need and even throw in a free
web page. How can I lose, one might think. Everything is all
set up for me, and all I need is a bigger PO Box to handle
all the checks that will roll in. Your web site will be
carried by the search engines, you have the "pre-written"
ads ready to go - how can you loose?

A few ads are placed here and there, and the responses
"trickle in" but there are few, if any sales - time for a
reality check. If you have seen one affiliate web site for a
particular product, service or opportunity, you have seen
them all. There are a number of affiliate programs, which
have thousands of people who have bit. Why should a person
go to your site when they know from the URL (address of your
web page) what it is already? They won't. Am I saying that
affiliate programs don't work?

No - I am saying that the tools they provide "don't cut the
mustard." It is a proven marketing fact that it takes 5-7
exposures to your ad before someone might purchase from you.
If you have a "canned" web site, what are the odds of them
coming back to you to buy? Slim to none.

So how does a person who is serious about marketing an
affiliate program get you to buy from them? First, they
"deep six" the affiliate web site as their primary web
contact, and create their own. On their web site they
provide content which is interesting for anyone who stops
by. They also change the content on a regular basis to keep
them coming back, and let them know when it does change.
They also provide a link to their affiliate web site.

The next step is to try to get a listing on the search
engines. Now, think about this. There are most likely
several thousand people who have an identical web site to
the one you get as an affiliate. What do you think the odds
are of someone "stumbling across" your site when surfing the
web? Again - slim to none. But if you have your own site,
your chances take a giant leap forward. The link to your
affiliate site is a minor part of your web site, even though
it is where you want them to eventually wind up.

Now - can you use a site that is not your own domain? While
not the preferred route to take, it is "head and shoulders"
above the link you get from the affiliate program. Most
ISP's give you web space free. Learn a little HTML code and
you're in business. Or, if push comes to shove, hire someone
to do it for you. Let's face it, if I see a URL that I
recognize as an affiliate program, and I've been there
before, I will simply "click away."

The old saying, that if a "salesperson sells them self
first, the sale of their product or service follows shortly
thereafter" is certainly true. Establish yourself on the web
and in the newsletters/ezines as someone who can be trusted,
and is knowledgeable in their field. If people get to know
and trust you, your recommendation to join your affiliate
program will carry a lot more weight.

Now that you have control over your web page, you should
have a guest book that visitors can sign. Now you have their
email address. Folks, these are literally worth their weight
in gold. You can now send them email about upcoming events
on your web site, and not be accused of spamming.

Run a contest on your web site - the prizes don't have to be
off the wall. An ebook (and there are a number available
free) can be your prize - and again more email addresses.
Write a free newsletter/ezine and publish it on a regular
basis - even more email addresses. As long as there is
content of interest, they won't mind a gentle reminder to
visit your web site.

Consider a "non-competing" partner to help you with the site
or to write articles for the ezine. It makes no difference
to you if there is another link to another affiliate program
on your site. If they are willing to share the work in
return for the link, it is to your advantage. The key here
is "non-competing."

So - are affiliate programs a good opportunity? If you
simply join and sit back waiting for the money to flow, no.
If you are a "take charge" type of person and are willing to
work a little, it can be a great opportunity.

About the Author:

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>>>>>>>>>Titbit of The Week<<<<<<<<<

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Simple Ways To Track Ezine Ad Results

You invest a good chunk of change on ezine ads in several
of your favorite newsletters. After a week, some responses
come in. Two days later a big blast of responses flood in.
Then you get a steady flow, then a trickle that stretches
for several weeks.

Where did all those responses come from? You used several
different ads in several ezines. You want to duplicate your
success, but you don't know what it was that was working
so well.

This is the most common problem in marketing. Your easiest
solution is to track your ad results, but how?

The two main ways folks track ezine ad results:

1. Create an email address for each ad, all of which are
forwarded to you (your website host can often set this
up for you). You can tell from the address where the
prospect saw the ad.

You can use a mail program like Eudora to filter email bound
for different addresses into individual folders.

2. Create a different web page for each ezine. I get a lot of
ads that have a link like: mysite.com/drn. Use a website
stats tracking package to see which ads are drawing hits
(again, your website host can help you with this).


Get Kevin's 10,000 FREE marketing ideas at
<http://DrNunley.com> Reach him at kevin@drnunley.com
<mailto:kevin@drnunley.com> or 603-249-9519.


>>>>>>>> Featured Article <<<<<<<<

Article: "Win Your Fears, Tame Your Life, Reach Your Goals,
Don't Cry... And Don't Tell Me You Cannot Do it..."

By John Delavera

I decided to write this article because I have started
receiving messages from all over the world... with the
SAME content...

Different people from different places on Earth sharing
the same desire: "How can I make an extra income on the
Web?", having the same question "I have been trying for
the past 3-4 years... Why am I not getting any sales...?" and
also having the same request "John, please visit my site
and tell me what's wrong..."
I did it.

I visited the sites and I got surprised twice...
Yes... all sites made the SAME mistakes...
I am going to tell you what these mistakes are. I am also
going to tell you the LIES you have been told about the
Internet Market.ing...

Lies come first...

What do you think of Internet Market.ing??

What is it??

Is it a magic recipe?
Do this, then that, then this and that and money will come?

Is it a magic solution?
"Deal with Internet M.arketing and you'll make your first
million in 48 hours - Gu aranteed - Or your money back!"
Is it?

Is it the profession for lazy people?
"I want to fire my boss and w ork from home when ever
I want through the comfort of my house and wearing my

Is it the advantage Rich people have?
"You need money to make money. Spend some 1000s of
dollars and you'll get tens of 1000s in return!"

Or is it only for English-speaking-writing people with an
A++ in English and some hardcopy books already written?

What do you think?

Are you ready to read the truth?

Here it is:
Internet Market.ing is:

The MOST DIFFICULT, MOST time-consuming and MOST
painful subject to be dealt with in your life. It's a "Win Or
Lose" situation... It's a "Love Or Hate it" subject...

And it is the RISKIEST adventure in your life...
If you win, you get everything you want...
If you lose, you can lose everything you already had...

In addition, Internet Market.ing is:

An Opportunity For ANYONE!
This is crucial.

No matter what you do, no matter who you are, no matter
what you know and no matter how much money you have

...Internet Market.ing Is For You...

Take a look to all the Big Names around you...

Pizza boys, ex-students or students, truck-drivers, young people,
very young people or very old people, people in debt and even
1 step before bankruptcy, people from USA but also from India,
from Africa but also from Australia, from Singapore and also
from UK...

They all are *Internet Marketers*

And they all had something in common WITH YOU: the desire
to make a living by using the Net, the hope and the strong belief
that *they will make it this time*, the feeling that if THIS will
not work *everything is OVER*...

Isn't that beautiful?

In one of my articles (My Early Days on the Net - Part II)
I wrote that if you MASTER Internet Market.ing you can do
anything you want on the Net... You can deal with ANY
subject and make money of it. You can also apply your
knowledge off line and also earn a living...

If you can MASTER Internet Market.ing, you can master
anything in your life - even your life herself.

Because the very best point with the IM is that you learn


Just 1 thing...

You learn... How To Sell Anything!


Do you think IM is easy?
Don't think it that way.... Don't ask this question to yourself...
Think instead:

HOW BADLY I want to learn *How To Sell Anything*?

That's it.
This is the only question you must answer to yourself.

And ask that question WITHOUT any "but" or "if"...
"I want it badly, but I..."
... have no time...
...have no money..
...cannot write well...
...don't know HTML...
...have no support from my family...
...my wife does not understand me...

Sorry, but use "but" and "if" and... you're deadly wrong...
...you have no idea about the IM... you know nothing about it...

Don't tell Me about time...
Masters of IM FORGET the time... There is no day or
night in the beginning... there is no time... It's just YOU
and your dream... and your Biggest Desire in your life:
To Make the difference.

Don't tell me about money...
No body cares if you have money or not...
No body asked for your money anyway...
What is money for..? Do you know? Do you really know
WHY you need the money or not? It's a matter of TIME
and NOT a matter of MONEY my friend. You do not Buy the
ebooks, the software or the services... You buy TIME,
the time you need to reach your X-Mark in your Life
sooner... You buy Knowledge, for the same reason.
If there is a REASON to spend some money, then just
DO IT... Nobody is going to tell you where you'll find
the money you need though. Who told you that Life is gentle?
Who told you that Life is the one described in Hollywood
movies or in comics? You and ONLY YOU are the whole
responsible to make the difference in your life. If money
is the matter ...just make the money... Period. Getup at
6 o'clock and go out. Life is there. Real life is waiting
for you. And Life can give you what you want - IF you know
what you want.

What do you want that you do not have?

With the exception of HEALTH then Everything... I repeat it:
EVERYTHING is in YOUR hands... your weak or strong
hands. It's You and Your Life. And It's THIS VERY moment
you just either invest it or lose it. Life can give you what
you want. Just Ask for It; Fight For It, DEMAND it and
work like a crazy wo/man for it. Do it... again and again...
and when you'll start feeling DESPAIRED while WORKING
as a mad wo/man... when you'll start feeling COLLAPSED
while having already made EVERYTHING you could have done...
when you will start feeling BETRAYED by Life... because
you tried everything, worked HARD, USED ALL resources
available in your life... when you'll start feeling TIRED
and ready to Give Up... THEN... THEN...

...All Magic Happens... And when it starts, it does not end.


This is the way life works.

How many actors work as waiters or waitresses in L.A.?
Have you any idea? Have you any idea how many talented
people die without making their dreams a reality while
trying and trying and trying again and again?
But... what does it mean?
Does it mean that they had to give up?
Do you know WHY they did not give up their dreams?
Because they LIKED what they did...
And because if they gave up they would NEVER KNOW
what WOULD have happened if they HAD NOT given
up their dreams...

Speaking about actors... If you live in California, Arnold's
life says it all... Do you know how many body-builders
exist on Earth? ONLY 1 managed to become a Governor
in California... without being born in US though...

Change your tapestry in your room and in your mind.
Stick the pictures of the Winners in the wall and in your

Heroes that die in battles are humans you know...
They did not have even the smallest clue that they would
become heroes one day...

Millionaires that did not inherit anything started everything
from scratch as POOR people... Ask them... They could never
imagine what would happen in their life...

Both heroes and millionaires had 1 thing in common:
They did the right thing.

Just in case you're wondering why I am so passionate
today... Just in case you're asking yourself what all the
above have to do with the Internet Market.ing...

I just remind you that you have subscribed to a news.letter
with the Internet Market.ing (IM) as its subject.

We're talking about IM here, right?

Don't make excuses...

And don't believe in Lies...

Nothing is easy.
But everything is Possible.

You just have to devote your life in to IM IF you believe
this is the right subject for you.

You can even become a bit selfish...
Since pizza men, ex-college students, non-english speaking
& writing people - people with NOTHING in life...
...MADE it...
...then you can make it too.

That's the Spirit of the IM: Everybody can make it.
But this does not mean that "Everybody WILL make it."

Do you have the desire?
Ask yourself every night: What I did today better than yesterday?

Do you have the passion?
Ask yourself every morning: What did I create yesterday?

Do you have the guts to make the difference?
Ask yourself: What do you do MORE and DIFFERENTLY
than OTHERS do not do... Do you contiune where others

And do anything Today with the feeling that TODAY could
be your last day in this life... Seize the Moment.

Be consistent to yourself and your dream.
And learn to accept failures. It's all part of this game.

I wish you to be lucky and dig Gold in Day 1 - some people
have done it, but I also wish you to fail and continue,
and fail and continue again... because this is how you'll
to make "Selling On the Net" ... your Living...

Being at home, next to your kids, wearing your pajamas and
counting the orders you got from your customers is the
successful RESULT of your efforts and this is the way must be.
Efforts come first.
Success comes later on.

Don't even think that I am theorizing here...
Don't even think I copied and pasted any text from IM's guides
and tutorials here... I am writing as a lunatic hitting the keyboard
so strongly that I think I'll break it, because actually I am not just
writting "this Saturday's Issue"...

I am describing my life to you my friend.
I feel the pain and the agony and the anxiety you may have, the
strong desire to succeed and your willingness to make the
difference in your life, to make things better for your family,
your parents, your wife or husband, your kids.

But I cannot perform *Brain-Surgery* to you...
I wish I could.
I wish I could INSERT in your brain what I know
to make you NOT pass in your life all the negative feelings I
got through. I wish I could do it. This would save you time and
money - this could save you the bad feelings too.

I have made mistakes.
I have lost a small fortune by investing to nothing.
I have also spent a fortune to create my "BOUGHT" folder
in my computer.
Yes... I have spent money to get the knowledge I needed and
also to save time.

Ask me if I could afford it...
The answer is NO. Either you believe it or not, I NEVER
afforded what I have bought. What I knew, was this:
If I must buy it I'll find the money and I'll do it.

This is how I act though.
I act well under pressure.
But in all cases *Money Just Comes*... because I know
what I am doing... This will happen to you too.

Magic can come to your life - believe me.
Just do not give up.

John Delavera
Automated Solutions for Internet Marketers!

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guarantee the serviceability or merchantability of any
products purchased or obtained by whatsoever means
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And subscribers may feel they should seek independent
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